Digital Transformation

We are experienced in digital transformation. We focus on designing,
developing, and adapting new technologies for our clients’ utmost efficiency.

Innovation Builder

We develop innovations to create value for organizations, the public sector, and the private sector, based on the concept of Insight (understanding customers), Problem (identifying problems), Solution (accessing the solutions to a problem), and Business Model (working together to improve and maximize results), for the society and the nation.

Design Thinking

We invent and develop services to solve problems for the government sector, the state enterprises, and the private entities, by understanding our customers, accessing solutions, and developing products and services that serve the needs of our customers, such as Digital Transformation Strategy.


Information Technology Consulting

We advise organizations that wish to adopt new technologies to enhance their personnel, such as Agile Methodology and Identity Verification.

System Integration

We provide customized design services and system development using technologies for many sectors, such as the government sector, financial institutions, hospitals, and private organizations.


Our Solutions


e-KYC self-verification system

To support electronic transactions on iOS and Android systems and the connection with digital ID system.

Customer Onboarding

An onboarding process for users to access the digital system.

Digital ID

Supporting connection with Digital ID, such as NDID, Mobile ID.


Developing applications on iOS and Android systems.

Identity verification using the data in the national identification card to support electronic transactions under ETDA (IAL 2.3) standard and validating data credibility with the Department Of Provincial Administration (DOPA).

Identity verification using e-passport data to support electronic transactions under the ETDA (IAL 2.3) standard and validate the credibility of the passport data.


Identity Management

The system reads and validates identification card data with the Department Of Provincial Administration (DOPA). Using facial recognition technology, the system reads and validates passports under the ICAO standard.

Biometric Matching

The system supports the comparison of users’ face pictures.

Digital ID

The system supports the connection with Digital ID system, such as NDID and Mobile ID.


Application development on iOS and Android systems.
  • The system reads the data: name, gender, birthdate, address, expiration date, and face photo in the microchip and check the credibility with DOPA.
  • The system can connect with the Smart Card Reader that supports PC/SC standard and operation on Windows, iOS, Android systems.
  • The system reads the data: name, gender, birthdate, expiry date, including face photo in the chip, and validates the data based on the standard.
  • The system can be connected to portable and desktop readers or using NFC from a smartphone and support operation on Windows, iOS, and Android systems.

Document Management

The system classifies documents using OCR technology and machine learning. The quality of automatic document photo and document storage and the search function are also improved.
  • The system classifies documents by OCR technology and machine learning.
  • The system improves the quality of the automatic document photograph and supports scanned pictures and photographs.
  • Documents storage and search function via Full-Text Search


Business Segment


Public health organizations


Government agencies and enterprises


Financial institutions


Industrial organizations


Educational institutions

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