For all your Needs,
Life Quality, and Happiness


Chan Wanich Co., Ltd.

Over 100 Years in Business

Chanwanich was established in 1921 and has been earning trust from the government sector, the private sector, financial institutions, and business and industry organizations. Thanks to the vision to create value and boost sustainable business growth, Chanwanich never ceases to grow. Besides its printing and packaging business, Chanwanich has also developed IT systems to expand its business, including digital platform development to build a sustainable social and business ecosystem.


We are committed to using technology

to create new things to unlock potential and improve everybody’s life quality.

Work with Us

We are looking for qualified candidates who love to take on challenges, learn new things, and enjoy life.

At Chanwanich, we provide a space for you to start initiatives, create new things, and show your fullest potential. As a company, we aim to deliver quality work to our clients and develop a sustainable business and social ecosystem.